Saturday, May 15, 2010


Jeff's away tonight so it's just me and the boys. Lots of times when he's not home I will concentrate on the kids and then just get myself something I've had frozen, PB & toast, cereal, tomato sandwich. You know, those type of nights. We stayed at the park late (thinking in the back of my head I'm only making 5 minute dinners anyways). When we got home, I started on the boys' dinner and then started to think about what I was going to eat.

I opened the fridge, looked at all the veggies, looked at everything on the shelves, opened the freezer & checked out the goods and looked at my counter for the rest of the possible ingredients.

A meal started to form in my head and looked delicious.

As I was making my meal, I was thinking about how far I've come in cooking. Now hold on, by this I mean"How far I've come considering where I started". Reading all your blogs, all these delicious, healthy, cooking yummy blogs I know I have a long way to go. But for me? I've come far.

Let's show you via my dinner pictures.

First off, when I first started to lose weight, this is most likely what I would have eaten. A frozen something with the nutritional information right on it so I would know how many points it was. It would have been processed, labelled low-fat and easy to "make".

Don't get me wrong, starting to read the nutritional information on the food I was eating was a major first step in losing weight. It's a habit that's stuck with me ever since and I never don't look at the NI.

I probably would have eaten it on it's own. Maybe because I wanted to use the least number of points, so I could have a chocolate bar later. Or maybe because I was just not into cooking.

Further along, I would have added salsa because, that was 0 points, and it was a tad tastier. And it was better than ketchup.

A little further along my weight loss journey, I would have added a salad. At that point, it would have been because I just wanted more food. More volume. I would have added some cheap bottled salad dressing too.

Tonight I decided to put them all together! The burger right on top of the salad. And a healthy dollop of greek yogurt.

Even better yet, I added some more healthy fats, amazing taste and a great addition! I sprinkled avocado over the whole thing. No dressing. The greek yogurt and salsa was the "dressing".

Truly, it was a delicious dinner. Of course I went right to spark people to see how well I had done. A total of 341 calories, 15 g carbs, 17 g fat 31 g protein. I should be eating 40:30:30 (carbs: fat: protein) so it wasn't the best meal according to those "rules" but I'm definitely going to keep it as a meal idea. It was THAT good.

So even though it's a Saturday, and in the past that would have meant a free for all for me, I never felt like I was missing out on any weekend treats. It was a perfect day eating-wise for me.

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Gina said...

My desire to cook comes in waves. Your salad looks good, btw.