Friday, June 10, 2011


- am loving my Joe Fresh outfit today (jeans, ruffly tank top and super light long white tops that open in the front)? I'm a total loss for the word I'm looking for. It goes down to just above my knees and it's like a cardigan, but it doesn't do up in the front? What are those called?

- as I tried to google the picture of this top with an unknown name, I found this site! It's a tumblr page of all joe fresh clothes, love it!

- be warned: beets are no longer 0 points. I put 4 into my salad today and being the good WW that I am these days, I tracked them. Checked out the NI online and they are 3.5 pts for 227 grams. I have NO idea how many beets that is, but am tracking 2 pts to be on the safe side. Am afraid to check for pickles. I love pickles.

- headed to my best friend's house for dinner (lives in my old neighbourhood where I pick up my kids after work every night) and I FORGOT TO BRING A BOTTLE OF MY WINE. Stupid stupid stupid.

- It's FRIDAY. Of course that means rain for the weekend - which may dampen our Saturday cottage plans, but there's a little BBQ in the park day being held in Stittsville, so we have alternate plans (yes, I understand if it's rain then maybe a park may be not the best alternate plan, but a little time outside in the drizzle where you can then go home and get cozy is better then a cottage where 10 adults + 8 kids have to stay inside!)

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Tricia said...

have a great weekend!