Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair Pictures

Do I like it? Sure.
Do I love it? Probably not.

But I think the part I'm a bit turned off is the colour. I like my hair dark, and whenever I go lighter I always think it makes my face more red (I hate my red face, you should SEE the number of products I've bought to try and reduce the redness. The product I'm looking for doesn't exist, I'm convinced!)

The first day was so humid that I hated it even more (but really, who loves their hair in the humidity? So even if I had an awesome cut I would have hated my hair that day) I've gotten a ton of compliments on it though from colleagues at work, which makes me feel better about it.

Other things I apparently feel obliged to talk about:

- I don't like bananas with cottage cheese
- I wont' be signing up for the Army half-marathon like I had hoped. I'm doing a quasi-insane commute these days, and realistically the only time I would be able to train would be at 5am or 9pm. And those times don't totally work for me (although I do remember a time that I loved working out super early, so maybe I should try it)
- I may have bought a case of my favourite wine. You can't find it at LCBO, but lucky me my favourite restaurant, Bambu (also owned and managed by friends) carries it. And I had them order me a case.

5 people had this to say:

Lynn said...

Hmmmm...not quite the ringing endorsement I was hoping for. I really like the shorter length on you, though, and the cut looks like it has created a lot of volume.

Still...the search continues, I guess? Here's my plan: I won't get a haircut until you find a good place to recommend :).

Amy said...

I just got some highlights last night, and I don't love them either.

I think I like my hair darker too.

It's just so fun to go light in the summer... and when he said "caramel highlights" I thought they sounded awesome.

Christy said...

Lynn: I am definitely loving the cut now. It was the humidity which was making me hate it, but now two days into styling it on my own, love the cut.

Amy: that was the word they used with me caramel, I love to eat caramel so why wouldn't I love my hair like that?

Granted - I go into a salon pretty much giving them carte blanche saying "do what you would do if this was your hair", so I suppose I can only complain so much if I don't get what I am totally in love with.

desajair said...

I love your hair... it looked really good when I saw you yesterday!

JavaChick said...

Ha. I've done the same redness-reducing-product search and gave up. I think you are right - it doesn't exist. Though I do think Aveda's All Sensitive toner maybe helps.

Love a good Riesling, don't blame you for buying a case. :)