Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing because he's sleeping

Carson and I were out running errands while the bee-ster and Jeff took a nap (ha youngest and oldest need to nap). Carson has recently taken to falling asleep in shopping carts - which he did today in Homesense. I put him in the car, where he still remains sleeping over an hour later...)

So I'm sitting out here waiting and watching until he wakes up. A few things I've noticed:

- I would be a whole lot more comfy if I were sitting on the chair I wanted to buy from Lowe's today. We now have a beautiful new porch (see below) and nowhere to sit except on the front step. Which isn't so bad, but you know, I AM 36 and a chair would be a bit more comfortable

- in the hour or so I've been sitting out here, not ONE car has gone by. Which is fantastic, to live on a street and not have to worry about traffic! Especially if you have a particularly insane almost two year old who likes to escape from the house and join in a game of street hockey in only his diaper
- there are a ton of ants outside
- i love how beautiful gardens look, but I don't want to tend to them as often as you have to. I like my takecareofthemselves garden that was here before we moved in

- we have a big garage. But we haven't organized it yet. Maybe that's what I should be doing right now instead of this.

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