Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot Yoga

I'm taking my first hot yoga class tomorrow night. Any tips/advice/suggestions? I do think I may die, but I need to find out firsthand what all the rave is about!

(can you tell I got 10 yoga classes/$50 on livingsocials.com?)

Hot Yoga Description: 1 hour yoga class in a heated room (about 90 degrees F). This is an intermediate class. Practicing in a hot room produces a greater rang of movement in joints, muscles and ligaments. Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin. Please arrive early to acclimate to the temperature, and bring a towel and bottle of water.

THIS is what I intend to look like at the end of the class. Possible? HA. The only resemblence will be the amount of sweat.

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M and A said...

I am in love with hot yoga. So much so that I volunteer at a studio so I get free yoga. I've only been to a dozen classes or so but I'm hooked. You will sweat like you've never sweat before so bring a towel to wipe off and even one for your hands when they are down on your mat. I find that crucial or I'll slip all over the place.

I find I need to drink a lot of water through the day and then a sports drink after the class. For me, the sports drink is really important or I get a dehydration headache the next day.

I hope you like the class. Don't be discouraged if you don't after the first. It may take a couple. But I think you'll be hooked.

Welcome to the world of hot yoga!

Christy said...

Wow - thank you!! I can't wait to sweat. I'm taking your advice and bringing two towels. I'm a sweat-er as it is, so I can imagine I will need the two.

And the sports drink - brilliant idea (I have been feeling kind of dehyrdrated with this super hot summer)

Thank you for your advice!

skinny latte said...

I love hot yoga - I hope you enjoyed it!

The trick is to not drink water during the practice, always afterwards! Sounds weird but it does work.