Thursday, September 1, 2011

New start calls for new hair, right?

It hurts me to say it, but summer is coming to an end.

I'm starting 60 in 60 and feel like I needed to change something about myself.

So I made an appt and went and got my hair cut!

I didn't love it.

The pictures didn't show how bad it was, but honestly? This is what I looked like:

So I called them back this morning and went in to get it fixed at lunch. It's MUCH better now.

(mental note: learn how to take self portraits with my phone)

After getting my hair did, I went to a therapy session. Also known as, dinner out with my best friend. We've been friends since we were 12 and we used to live in the same neighbourhood until I recently moved, so we try to get together often because I miss seeing her every week. It's hard working around our work schedules, our husband work schedules, our kids schedules etc....

We went to the Black Dog and I got a glass of wine (went for 5 oz, typically I do the 9 oz but wanted to save points) and had a Chicken Tandoori salad and it was DELICIOUS. I am going to totally recreate this bad boy at home (again, mental note, LEARN HOW TO TAKE GOOD PICTURES)

Then it's tradition, we had to split the chocolate peanut butter cup which is the absolutely most divine dessert you've ever had. Of course, we ate it too quickly so no pictures :)

4 people had this to say:

Amy said...

You have wicked hair.

That is all.


CrYs said...

Ditto :)

Teresa said...

Ditto here as well. Enjoy the long weekend. Booo to summer coming to a fast end.

Tricia said...

love the hair!