Thursday, September 15, 2011

Water, red skin and afters.

Drinking water has always been easy for me. I never drank much else besides water (the occasional iced tea, but I've never drank pop or been much into juices). But when I'm at work, I often run out of water and am too busy (or lazy, depending on the day) to walk to the kitchen to get more.


I want to get my face flawless. Look at it - I have blotchy skin and grey circles under my eyes. I have every product in the universe to attempt to get the flawless face look and I just can't do it. Any wonderful insightful ideas?

And you know we are supposed to try to visualize ourselves after we lose the weight, what life will be like, what we will look like. Well I can do that. Because I was there once. I've realized lately that although I take a gazillion pictures of my kids, I'm hardly in them. (Obviously I realize I can't be in a picture if I'm taking the picture)... but I hate getting my picture taken. But I WANT to be in the pictures, I want my kids to have memories of when their mom was young (so they can laugh at the fashion sense I had 20 years from now, like I do with my mom). See, I didn't always shy away from the camera, hide behind someone, or just run away... I used to like having my picture taken.

4 people had this to say:

CrYs said...

You think you look blotchy. I think you look beautiful! Love the hair (and the necklace!)

Chantal said...

That is a good idea for the water. I should do that and put some cucumber and lemon in it. Work isn't a spa but who says you can't have spa water at work ;)

Christy said...

Crystal, you are so sweet. Thank you (the necklace was from Cleo, 75% off!)

Chantal - YES! And it may make my workday just a little happier. Thank you :)

Teresa said...

Hope you have a good week and a great weigh in next time around.