Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weigh-in Week #4 and a Recipe

Down 1.5 lbs. Again, was a tad disappointed because I had done SO well, but it's not at all deterring me. And really, my goal is 1 lb a week - is it my over-achiever instinct which makes me not happy?

Actually, the past couple weeks I've been a grump. I don't know what it is, I just haven't been my usual happy self. I'm never like this and I can't pinpoint what it is, sure I have bad days like everyone does, but it normally doesn't last longer than a day. The only way to describe it is from a children's book, I seem to have a grey cloud hanging over my head.

I'm even considering going to my doctor to run some blood tests to make sure everything is OK.

Today at lunch we had a potluck. I knew everyone would bring not so healthy things, so I wanted to bring something that I knew I could have as my main dish. I felt like quinoa. And I felt like edamame.

So, I googled quinoa and edamame and google gave me this:

I made it last night (while making Carson's TWO lunches, argh, I hate making lunches for school already) and it was a huge hit with everyone today.

Try it. It's fast, easy and really really tasty. And the best part? I have enough for me for dinner tonight :)

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Julie said...

woman! dont make me drive to 2 hrs to go smack you.. LOL. 1.5 lbs is awesome! You're doing REALLY good, you're already surpassing your goals. Your more than half-way to the first 10 lbs lost milestone! wow! keep it up!!

Teresa said...

That's a great weigh in! Congratulations. Enjoy the link above, thanks for sharing.