Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm a very visual person. I like to SEE things, rather than have to imagine things. I like to feel things, touch things (wow, that sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it?).

I was talking about visualizing my weight loss with a very good friend of mine. This is what we came up with:

In one bowl, the weight I have to lose. 55 lbs represented by 46 red marbles = 1 lb each. 18 white marbles = .5 lb each.
In the other bowl, the weight I have lost. 4 red marbles + 2 white marbles.

ok, in this scenario perhaps I'm using the 1/2 lb marbles instead of the full lb marbles to make it look like more :)

As I lose the weight, I move the marbles from one bowl to the next.

As you can see, the bowls are on my kitchen counter top where I can look at them constantly, visualizing, motivating myself, determined to fill the bowl.

4 people had this to say:

skinny latte said...

That is a really cool idea!! How satisfying it will be for you to see the other bowl gradually fill up :)

Teresa said...

What an interesting idea. Love it!

Julie said...

love this idea Christy! I think i'll test it out once ive lost a few... currently too depressing to see one empty bowl, lol

JavaChick said...

Cool idea! I am very much the same - I need some way to be reminded of my progress. Keeping a visual representation where you can easily see it makes a lot of sense.