Thursday, October 6, 2011

How fast does time really go?

Where does the time go? I know we all ask this, but seriously... WHERE does it go?

The days on the calendar go flying by. Between visitors, holidays, work, Oktoberfest, swimming lessons, birthday parties, I swear I don't remember September at all.

Is that how quickly a year goes by?

I've given myself a little over a year to lose this weight, and some moments I think it seems SO FAR AWAY, but if I look back to what I was doing at this time a year ago, it seems like yesterday.

A good friend of mine texted me this morning to share with me some good news. She's lost 50 lbs. I read success stories, I see before/after pictures all the time through your wonderful blogs, but this is someone who I've seen the before in real life. I can't to see the after. I'm so very very proud of her, and selfishly, it makes my goal feel more attainable, and for that I thank her.

And for me and my Canadian friends, it's THANKSGIVING this weekend!

We are hosting the dinner (13 adults and 8 kids) and I'm so excited! My sister is making the turkey (god bless her) and so I'm left with the appetizers, accompaniments for the dinner and dessert.

And between you and I? That's the fun stuff anyway. So I'm scouring pinterest today for some ideas. For those of you celebrating a long weekend this weekend, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

((((Hugs)))). I shared the news with three people this morning: my hubby, my spinning instructor, and you. No one else. Because there are so few people who can actually understand what it means to me!

Here's to the rest of our successful journeys - together!

Thanks for the shout-out. Xoxo