Monday, December 19, 2011

An elf named Chippy

Two years ago, I had two little stuffed elves that I used to move around the house every night and tell my oldest son that the elves were watching to see if he was being "naughty or nice" so they could tell Santa.

As with all my great ideas (ha!) someone else had already thought of it, and was selling it to the rest of us who couldn't get our act together to do it ourselves! And Elf On the Shelf was born.

Our elf's name is Chippey (cleverly taken from the Elf on the Shelf movie by my 5 year old - sometimes his imagination is lacking just a bit). And Chippey has done some amazing things.

He's been known to be sitting in light fixtures, running away with Carson's shoes, watching movies with Batman, in a getaway car with a dinosaur. He gets into all kinds of trouble at night.

But yesterday he left a note for the boys:

Carson was BEYOND excited. He said the sheets were the coziest in the world (he even said the sheets wrapped up his pillows). We keep our house a tad cold at night, so these were definitely a nice addition!

Proof of someone having a very cozy bed :) Both my boys are like I was when I was young, and kick the covers off no matter how many times their mother goes in and covers them up. So at least now I know the sheets they are lying on will keep them warm. How Chippey knew I felt this way, that remains a secret.

I simply love Christmas. It's all about the magic, the decorations, doing nice things for people, donating toys to children who may not get very much, baking, spending time with family.

It's a very exciting time in our neck of the woods, every morning while we search for Chippey, look to see what ornament to put up on our advent tree (my mom made this while she was pregnant with me!)
I just love Christmas and hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, with whatever your traditions are!

4 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

Best wishes to you and the family. Merry Christmas enjoy all the fun that the season has to offer.

Sasha said...

Damn! Too bad about the elf thing. I have the same problem - a million ideas that would probably sell, but I never get around to it... we should start a company ;)

Chantal said...

So cute! Those sheets look comfy, where are they from?

Christy said...

The sheets are from Winners - SO comfy! Both my kids have queen sized beds and it's hard to find sheets that are kid-like in that size. Good score for sure (and only $40!)

Teresa - Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Sasha - next idea, let's market it!