Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another one

It's funny how great pictures look on your iphone, until you try to post them online. Oh well, they are all I have.

Here's the before. The paint (I HATE YELLOW PAINT and it seems every house I move into has the main floor painted in yellow....) was changed, but the focus of this before and after is the fireplace. Before it's outdated, ugly, brass, wood and just looks like it belongs in a house in the 80's (which, to be fair to the fireplace, this house was built in the 80's so I'm sure it was beautiful back then)

Oh, found a picture of the paint change.

Here is how it looks now, the fireplace insert was painted black (SO easy and makes all the difference) and the wood was painted out, to white. I love the way it looks now.

(this picture was taken Christmas Eve as my SIL read to her daughter and Carson, Beckett was too busy to sit down, he was running around the house (literally, the main floor in our house is like a square and he just runs on the outskirts over, over and over)

And this makeover is kind of similar to the one I just found on one of my favourite decorating websites Before After

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Teresa said...

I love the new color, so calming. Enjoy.