Sunday, January 15, 2012

THAT person

The second last time I got my hair done, I wasn't happy with it, so I went back and had them fix it.
I'm feeling the same way this time around. When you pay $120 (cut and colour) to get your hair done, I want to have a cut that I love. And I don't.

Actually, I almost cut my own hair last night, this morning I'm super happy I didn't, but last night I was tempted.

I like my hair super short in the back, with the hair beside my face being long. But I want the "slope" to be drastic. I don't want an old school bob that I had in highschool.

I was just going to twist the clumps of hair that I want gone and then cut them, but why should I do it when I just paid someone a heck of alot of money to do it?

And as much as I hate doing it (yes, I do hate it), I'm going to call the salon and very nicely ask if they will cut a little more.

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Teresa said...

If you're not satisfied you should go back. The price for hair these days is just too much. Good luck.