Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend write up

First things first. 12km run Saturday morning (I knew I wouldn't be able to do it Sunday, keep reading and you will see why). Friday night the roads were clear, it was beautiful. I was very excited for my early Saturday morning run.

When I woke up Saturday morning there was about 2 inches of snow everywhere.

It was a trickier run - one road was so windy I swear I wasn't hardly moving! The snow and slush was a bit of a deterrent, but as I ran I kept thinking to myself "This will make it so much easier to run in the summer". I'll be able to peel off two layers, clear roads - I'll be flying! ;)

Then Saturday night. I must start by saying while I like to enjoy time out with my friends, it normally involves dinner out, a few drinks and home by 10. But this Saturday night? My cousin was turning 40 and she wanted to go out and enjoy the night. And enjoy it we did.

My two sisters and I getting ready (I have a really big head (no joke), so the tiara was hurting me and giving me a headache!). The feather boas were NOT our idea, and trust me, they were ditched as soon as we got out in public.

There was alot of drinking, dancing and laughing. Even though there were a bunch of us who went out, the three of us stayed together the whole night and had a great time.

However. The drinking, dancing and laughing resulted in a headache, tiredness and sore feet the next day. Not that I had a clue what time it was at any point during the night, but it had to be at least 4am before we got to bed, and I was up at 8. All day I was feeling crummy, lethargic, stupid and unable to make any form of decision. So although I had a great time, it will be a long time before I do that again!

Even though I wasn't feeling great, the weather in Ottawa was SO beautiful yesterday that we had to get out. Jeff and I took the boys down to the market and wandered around. I'd say the first day after the winter that we are able to spend outside like that is almost my favourite day of the year.

Our good friend's brother was playing at a little pub in Wakefield in the afternoon and we decided we'd take the drive out.

The boys had a great time - their first time going to hear live music in a pub! (Beckett wanted to be playing an instrument, and in typical Beckett fashion, he kept telling me every 5 seconds). We got to visit with friends and their family (I've known them since I was in grade 7, so I know their families quite well too!) and listen to some great music.

We had a great time, and I was pretty happy to get into bed at 8:30 :) I didn't even get up to run this morning, I knew my heart wouldn't be in it. But it's on tap for tonight!

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Teresa said...

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Congrats on the 12K.