Friday, May 18, 2012

Embrace the curl

Looking at the picture here, it doesn't appear to be too much different from the one below.  But trust me, it is.  It's all layered, quite short in the back - and curly!  Each summer I fight with my hair daily to get it straight, but with the humidity here in Ottawa, I step outside and it's instant poof-frizz.  Which is not attractive on me.  Now, I'm going to embrace the curls, put away my straightener and just love being a curly top for the summer :)

I'm lucky in that yes, these are natural curls.  My hairdresser introduced me to her favourite curling product,
And you know me... I'm all about products.  So, very happy.

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Malinda said...

love your curls... Embrace the curls. People pay ridiculous money for curly hair

I love my curls! I have no patience to straighten my hair. It only gets done when I have my haircut

Try these products too
- tresemme wet leave in shampoo, this stuff rocks! redefines my curls and leaves my hair smelling fresh but the scent isn't overpowering
- l'oreal curly moose and their spray ( I use these two on my hair wet and then I use the wet shampoo stuff in between washes... Usually only wash my curls every 2nd or 3rd day)

Christy said...

Thank you for the tips on products, will be adding them to my list :)

And I've always loved your curls!!!

Amy said...

Love the new 'do!