Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The most perfect ME day

Yesterday was my 37th (what? really? how did that happen?) birthday.  I booked the day off work and spent the day filled with everything I love.  Want to see how it went?

5:30am - alarm went off.  Went to my regular 6am Greco class.  Yes, on my day off.  Yes, on my birthday.  Afterwards I was a sweaty smiling girl.  Oh, and whoops... apparently I walked out with their towel.

I "treated" myself to one of their delicious protein shakes.

Next up, home to see my boys.  Here's one of them.

I got some gifts and cards from my boys.

My mom always used to tell me that homemade cards were the best, I thought she was just saying that (she was a single mom for a long time so we didn't really have anyone we could get to buy us birthday cards so we always made them - right up until... well, we still do!).  And now I fully understand how wonderful and special a homemade card is.  Keep 'em coming boys - forever!

 A fuel belt (after complaining many times about running in the heat and feeling dehydrated).  Carson came in with it around his waist explaining to me what it did.  Adorable.

 Sunglasses for running in the sun!

 Oohhh... very pretty bag.

 A Pandora bracelet and my first charm, an elephant.  Elephants are my thing.

The boys went to school/daycare, the husband went to work.  I drank a cup of green tea and I put my feet up (literally) and started to watch the series finale of House.

Then, I went to my first hot yoga class.  I had gotten an email from the Moshka yoga down the street inviting me to a free yoga class on my birthday.  Heck ya!

 I LOVED the class (despite thinking I was choosing a spot at the back only to realize it was the front, so the whole class I was in front of everyone.  I know they weren't looking at me, but I felt so awkward - they were all experienced and it was my first time!).  I will definitely be back.  I have a one month membership which I'm going to start after my half marathon this upcoming weekend.

Then - showered and dressed to go to lunch with my husband.  My hair is frizzy, I know.  It was raining but humid - the worst combination for my hair!

 Lunch was at The Village Cafe and it was oh so good.

I then proceeded to spend the afternoon buying myself stuff.  But the best part?  I used all gift certificates (except for one place) that I had saved up in my wallet.  I had gotten them over the years (yes, years!) and just kind of was holding onto them for the perfect occasion.  And this was it!

First stop, my first lululemon purchase! Jeff had bought me a sweater two years ago for Christmas that I returned and still hadn't spent it!

It was this sweater...
Then off to Bayshore where I bought some Origins face wash and serum.  I stopped for my favourite drink of all time (non-fat chai latte)

 To David's Tea where I bought Forever Nuts.  And then - the one place I had to go, despite no gift certificates....

Where I bought Nars Orgasm blush (it's the best blush ever).

Then off to pick up the boys and head home.

I didn't feel like cooking, so we ordered a grilled vegetable pizza from this little restaurant, and it was just what I was craving.

And for dessert?  1 piece of new york style cheesecake, with caramel sauce.  Does my husband know me or what?  I shared 1/2 with my boys, and then enjoyed the last half all to myself.  In order to do this, I bribed them with popsicles :)

After the boys went to bed, I gave myself a pedicure, got a cup of my new tea and sat down and finished watching the series finale of House (loved it)

And that my friends - was how I started off my 37th year.  It was perfect.

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Chantal said...

oh man that sounds like the perfect day! Really it does!

Mona said...

I rarely find the time to come and visit you here, so I'm getting caught up!

What a fabulous day you had. You SO deserve it. Absolutely wonderful! xo

Teresa said...

Belated Happy Birthday. Have a great year.