Friday, June 15, 2012

Did you see it?

Huh? Huh? Did you? Did you?

That little weight loss ticker that hasn't moved in close to 4 months?


2.8 notches towards my goal!

Very happy girl indeed.

A few reasons why I think this week was successful in terms of weight loss:

1 - My switch to yoga.  Both mentally and physically.  Yoga is not only a fantastic workout, but what it does for my mind is almost as good as what it does for my body.  It's taught me to listen to my body and using my mind to tell my body what to do.  Even in two short weeks I can feel myself getting stronger in each pose.

2 - I wasn't as strict with my tracking as I have been in the past.  I know, this sounds like the opposite of what it should take to show results.  We are all told that you must JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL.  But sometimes when I write down every morsel that I put in my mouth, I obsess over every little morsel I put in my mouth.  Like, I may eat something only because I have the calories left instead of eating because I'm hungry. It's a total grey area though - I need to keep on track, but not 100% daily. Just have to find my happy medium.  Maybe if I feel things getting out of control I'll go back and be religious about it.  I'm doing my best to get to know my body, to eat when I'm hungry and to stop when I'm full. 

3 - Not working out so hard.  This goes against everything I believe in.  At first I joked about it, saying maybe I'd stop working out (it seems when I'm not working out is when I lose weight?).  And then when I made the switch to hot yoga (which I do 5-6 times a week), while it's still a great workout, it's a different kind of workout than my crazy Greco class and running 3 times a week.

4 - Maybe the bottom line is my body just needed a change.

Whatever the reason, I'm very happy.

Tonight I'm doing the Relay for Life (my sister is a two time cancer survivor!) and my husband is going away for the rest of the weekend, so I'm using tonight as my exercise for the next two days.  A walking we will go :)

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Teresa said...

Bravo well done! Good luck with the Relay for Life.

Sasha said...