Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've always talked about my friends are such an essential part of my life. I've been known to compare a night out with my girlfriends to a therapy session.

My two friends in particular; Kaethe and Peter with their two children Jaeda and Justen, came to cheer me on as I finished the Spartan Race.

I was coming into the home stretch and I saw Peter and Jaeda - smiling, cheering and yelling for me.  I got up from crawling under a barbed wire and saw Kaethe, with tears in her eyes.  I said stop crying, and she said she couldn't, she was just so proud of me.

I'm telling you, I have no idea where I would be without my friends.

Earlier that day I had sent Peter a text message, letting him know I was on my way to the race. He responded with this:

"We are proud of you" We (my family) had a big conversation the other day on how beautiful you are.  The conversation was initiated by Jaeda but was unanimously agreed upon quickly. You go girl"

When I saw Jaeda at the finish line, she told me I was the coolest adult she knows.

I always focus on the negative way I think people see me (overweight) and should think of the positive influences I am making in people's lives.  Both Jaeda and Justen were telling their parents how they want to do something like that when they are older.  And if I can inspire kids to challenge themselves physically?  I'll continue to do it!

And friends - Love you dearly.  I wouldn't be who or where I am today without you. xoxoxo

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Teresa said...

Where would we be without our friends. Happy weekend.