Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Thursday mornings

Have quietly and gently morphed into my long run of the week.  For some reason, the past two Thursdays I've felt like getting up and running 10k before my kids even wake up.

I saw pictures of myself running the half marathon earlier this spring and they were horrible pictures.  As a smart woman (yes, I'm talking about you javachick) told me, I can't let the pictures take away from the fact that I RAN A HALF MARATHON a month ago. 

This morning I was getting a bit self conscious when I was out running - not that too many people are out there at 5:30am - then I thought waiiiiiiiit a minute!  I'm out here running, and most of the people I know are still in bed sleeping.


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Amy said...

Atta girl. Way to rock it!

Chantal said...

I took your advice and got my butt out of bed yesterday a 5:30 and hit a bootcamp class at Goulbourn. Everyone in the class is experienced and I barely kept up. But I will go back tomorrow. Even though I am so freaking sore. I am also motivated by how I look, but also how I feel. I need more energy. I am tired of being tired.

I don't ever look at photos of myself running. Videos are even worse. Last Army run there was a vid of me crossing the finish line and I was all "THATS what I look like. GAHH". I felt so strong crossing it. I think the feeling is way more important.

Way to go woman!

Christy said...

Thank you ladies!

Chantal - so very proud of you for getting up at the same ungodly hour (I say that, but I actually enjoy working out at that time in the morning! Mostly because I like getting it done before work and before it gets too hot, but I probably wouldn't complain if 8am was the new 5:30am)

Anywayyyyy - the point here is you did it, it wasn't easy, and you are GOING BACK FOR MORE. That's the spirit! There can only be positive outcomes by making these changes, no negative ones.

I'm so proud of you :)

Teresa said...

You are a Winner!

Sasha said...

OF COURSE YOU'RE WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!

Sasha said...

PS. I'm totally still in bed at 5:30. Please keep blogging about what YOU'RE doing at 5:30, maybe it'll help me get my butt moving :)

JavaChick said...

Yep. I was in bed sleeping in 5:30. Mornings and I don't get along. Good for you though! Sounds like you've got a good groove going! :)