Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My new home

For working-out that is.

The Goulbourn Recreation Complex

For a minute, let's see what they have to offer:

  • a full-size gym
  • a cardio and weight room
  • a six-lane 25-meter pool
  • a 40-meter water slide and a hydro-massage pool
The complex now houses two NHL sized ice pads that are sledge hockey capable. A variety of fitness, sport and recreation programs for all ages are offered including
  • aerobics:
  • Spinning®
  • aquafitness
  • public swimming
  • public skating
And guess how much our membership is?  $76/month.  FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.  To use at any City of Ottawa facility!  Which includes a wave pool that my kids love.

I've done spinning and a bootcamp this morning - and they were both fantastic classes.

And I've been spending $115/month on either my Greco Lean and Fit membership or Hot Yoga, which are absolutely wonderful classes, but very limiting.  I had started swimming last year, so I had to pay about $3.50 each time I went swimming on top of my Greco/yoga membership.  It started getting very expensive. And that was only for ME.  My husband and kids didn't benefit from my membership.

The fitness schedule offers many different times of the day as well as many different types of classes (TRX, yoga, spinning, total muscle conditioning...).

And for my husband - the gym!  My kids - swimming, skating, drop-in basketball (Carson loves playing basketball) and a kinder-gym I can take Beckett too.  The options are endless.

I really want my whole family to be involved in these types of activities, I want them to grow up thinking that it's not work or complaining about exercise, I want it to be part of their every day lives and for them to look forward to it.

Anyways, very excited!

2 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

I love it. And I just looked at the members fitness schedule and I am really happy with it. I just wish I had time to go to the Nepean sportsplex at lunch. I am sore from our workout this morning and I know I am going to be super stiff tomorrow. But I am SOOO HAPPY! Thanks for joining me!

Christy said...

No, thank YOU!

We got our membership last night, I love that each of the boys got their own little membership cards, they are both very proud of them!!

I went to spinning again this morning, and I can't walk now :)