Monday, September 17, 2012

Fleeting summer weekends

Our weekend consisted of:

- Friday night pizza dinner, cozied up with a movie and my 3 favourite males.
- Early Saturday morning run with a great friend
- Getting some cleaning done around the house while the kids played outside
-Baking these delicious Reese cheesecake brownies after getting the idea from Amy and ohmystars they were SO GOOD
- Street party at our neighbours house (we live on the best street ever.  the older kids were looking after the younger kids (ours are the youngest), all us women were talking crossfit (no, I've never tried) and yoga, wine was being dranken (drunken?), guitars were being played, music being sung to)  And the best part?  We put our kids to bed and came back (they are literally right next door)
- Carson (5), was doing flips into the deep end, with no lifejacket!  I have no idea when that happened, but at camp this summer he was wearing a lifejacket in the deep end - and now, none.  1 month later.  That boy is awesome!
-Sunday morning was the Richmond Fair so ferris wheels, rollercoaster rides, french fries and ice cream - just what a fair should be
-Supported a colleague who started a canning company with his partner and bought their best selling jam - strawberry banana!  Haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait.
- Sunday night dinner with the family (the WHOLE family).  The kids put on fashion shows, played zombie games (where Beckett was the zombie chasing everyone), ran around outside and the result?  Both kids literally fell asleep within seconds of being put to bed.

PERFECT weekend my friends, PERFECT.

I may have even started off my week with a 5:30am 5k run.

4 people had this to say:

Amy said...

Those brownies are delicious.

Don't bring them to a gathering, or else people will shun you when you show up without them!

Christy said...

I was drooling while making them.

I brought half of them to a party Saturday night and the other half to the family dinner last night, both times they were gone within minutes.

Too bad I work with two people with peanut allergies, this would have been awesome for the bake sales!

Teresa said...

Perfect weekend all around. We went to friends end of summer party. Heard the geese flying over Saturday morning. Sure sign summer is almost done. ;-(

Chantal said...

sounds just about perfect!