Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh October, I have high hopes for you.

September sucked on so many levels.  Things happening around me (thankfully not affecting ME personally, but those around me.  And that in turn affects me... know what I mean?).  Bad things happening to good people.

Because I am an emotional eater, I stuffed my face with comfort food when I was feeling down.

The good news?  In the past two weeks I've made it to the gym a number of times and am loving my new fitness home.  Maybe it was being at higher-end facilities (Greco, Moksha...) that I didn't think City of Ottawa rec centres would be any good.  But HOLY SMOKES - the classes so far are fantastic.    Am totally loving it.

I am really hoping for good news today. And tomorrow.  And when my husband gets to see the specialist he needs to.  And when someone gets back from out of country with something that is ours.  And, and and.... like I said, October, you better bring it.

My friends and I did go to Oktoberfest here in Ottawa, and we had an absolutely great time (I may have left my sick child in the hands of our 13 year old neighbour who was given instructions to call us if Beckett woke up, instead he called his mom (her instructions) and they got him back to sleep so that we could stay out, have I told you how much I love our neighbours?)

Apparently do I not only have a big head, but a flat one too.


3 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

Just wanted to say I hope you have a great October!

Chantal said...

ok I want to move to your street!

Teresa said...

Have a wonderful October. What great neighbors. Good luck to your husband.