Friday, March 8, 2013

What this morning taught me....

 a) I finally know how to do a proper deadlift.  I'm somewhat obsessed with watching crossfit videos (have you watched Annie Thorrisdottir?  She's my ultimate hero!) and as I've started to try incorporating more weight lifting into my workouts (and at the new gym I've started going to), I was pretty sure I wasn't doing it right.  I wasn't sure what to do with my legs, how far to bend over etc....  I'm 99% sure I remember my GL BodyPump class instructor tell me it should only go as far as mid-shin.  I was googling deadlifts last night and telling Jeff how I just couldn't get them right - this morning, what's on the board? Deadlifts, I was excited to try them again but then a bit curious when the instructor pulled out these octagonal deadlift bars.  They were PERFECT for doing the proper deadlift, very happy now... I can move onto obsessing about another move now.

Octagonal deadlift bar

b) I am definitely not lifting heavy enough.  I think the weight on either side of this was 35lbs (for a total of 70, yay grade 1 math).  When I'm doing it at the gym on my own, I was using the 45 lb bar.  Too easy, remember to push yourself Christy!

c) I'm somewhat of a gym whore.  I've been a member at GoodLife, my work gym, back to Goodlife, Tony Greco Lean and Fit,  the Goulbourn Recreation Centre and now Complete Athletics.  What I have realized is that I NEED variety.  Currently I'm doing crossfit/spartan classes at Complete Athletics 3 times a week, one bootcamp and two spin classes at the GRC.  And for now?  It's perfect.  I'd maybe like to replace the bootcamp with my own "lifting program" but I do love attending classes.  We'll see.

d) I am never taking supplements again.  I had started taking a thermogenic amplifier, which if it meant burning more calories during my workout - bring it on.  It was also an appetite suppressant though which at the time, I didn't realize it was doing anything.  Until I stopped.  Then I was hungry ALL.THE.TIME.  It was brutal.  So no more of that - I will need to force my body to burn the extra calories the good old fashioned way.

A few other points I'd like to bring to your attention:

I love chocolate.  I may be currently eating a mini package of these:

My son's famous! Ha, ok maybe not famous per se, he made the local community newspaper.

Tonight?  Headed to a very girly event for International Women's Day, Blush 2013, tomorrow is crossfit with my favourite Amy, birthday party for my kids tomorrow, then off to Toronto and Niagara Falls Great Wolf Lodge with the kiddies for a few nights.  They are BEYOND excitement (and so am I!)

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Chantal said...

First of all, have a blast at GWL. We loved it. And you go girl with the workouts! You're a machine!

katie@thecarbmonster said...

omg i'm not strong enough to look at those mini eggs haha!

Kataroo said...

now you have me wanting to try that crazy bar out! Looks really cool