Sunday, May 19, 2013

Active rest

I never used to understand this term before.

It was either a workout day, or not.

On Saturday, the 20lb kettlebell was getting too easy. So I decided to make it heavier, for another 120 swings over the rest of the workout.

Later in that afternoon I developed a really really sore lower back (like low lower back, like top of my butt low). Iced it, foam rolled it, stretched it, and then we t to bed. Woke up, still sore.

It hurts more after sitting, so I decided not to sit. Announced to family I was going for a walk, my youngest decided to come along so I stuffed him in the stroller (yes he's almost four but will still sit on a stroller to come out with me). Went about 45 minutes, stopped at the park, I stretched some more and then we went for another 20 minutes.

My back is still really really sore, so I'm skipping Bootcamp tomorrow morning (it's a cardio day, I tried running on my walk and it was painful!) and will do crossfit instead. Would love to talk to our instructor too to see what he says. He was the on watching my swings so maybe he noticed something I was doing wrong, although I've always had my swing form down pat.

Now time for Ben gay. Ha, I don't have Ben Gay ... Yet.

Lots of stretching...

I thought my legs were looking kind of strong here...

My partner in crime


2 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

how do you feel today?

Kataroo said...

I hear you on the active rest, I hurt all over it seems...I TELLING myself I will do yoga in the am instead of a weight workout. That my body will get more out of the yoga and I will be better able to reach my goals if I do. But fark I hate going to yoga...don't mind it so much once there...but getting there is hard for some reason. I hope your back feels better. PS. love your strong legs