Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What once seemed so hard.

The last couple of weeks have been, a struggle.  Last week I think I brought my lunch to work twice.  Which meant 3 days of eating out (one of them a farmboy salad, pho another day and subway another) - not necessarily bad choices, but I really should be bringing my lunch.

As soon as I get out of the habit of doing something it seems sooo daunting to do it again. 

Again - quick run down of my typical night.
4:00pm - leave work
4:30 - pick up Carson
4:45 - pick up Beckett
5:00 - home
5:30 - kids driving me crazy cause they are hangry and I'm trying to get supper made (at least now I can throw them outside and they are happy until supper is ready)
6:00 - eat
6:30 - play, homework, hang out - family time
7:30 - bath, bed
8:30 - time to make Carson's lunch and my lunch, (which normally involves quite a bit of prep), do dinner dishes
9:15 - get clothes ready for next day (alarm is set for 5:30am) for me and boys
Plus any other chores necessary for that day - laundry, garbage, clean kitchen etc....

So when I start NOT making my lunch and I have an extra half hour at night?  It's wonderful - I watch TV, I read a book, I sit and talk with my husband.  It's bliss.

I know I will feel better when put the time and effort into lunches - food prep, meal plan, MAKE MY LUNCH, maybe even start putting dinner together for the next day? 

This week - I know it's only the third day, but I've brought my lunch every day (chicken salad two days, spaghetti squash with homemade delicious (if I do say so myself) sauce) - I've made quite yummy dinners at night - and I feel a million times better.  Sure it takes more time at night, less indulgent time for myself - but better in the long run.

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Teresa said...

You certainly have a busy night getting everyone settled and things ready for the next day. I feel you pain. Celebrate the small victories you are doing your best. Take care.

Chantal said...

The past few weeks have been horrible for me. Buying lunch almost every day and nothing really good planned for dinner. It sucks.