Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June, already?

I was writing all the upcoming dates/events/appointments on my fridge calendar (no matter how many electronic calendars I use, I rely most heavily on my fridge one! why is that?)

The third date I wrote down was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  What? End of school already?

What happened to April? What happened to May?  WHAT? It's JUNE ALREADY?

I've booked 4 weeks off work this summer and I'm looking forward to my first week of mid-July.    The last three weeks will be taken at the end of August, just in time to get my baby ready to go into JK.

Time is flying my friends, flying.

And it scares the crap out of me.  I have so much I want to do - so much I want to accomplish, and I feel like the days - weeks - months and years are just passing me by while I go about doing my daily routine.

Where, how do people make time to do wonderful things?  I want to go to take my kids across Canada in an RV, I want to go to a yoga retreat, I want to spend more time with my kids, I want to take courses, I want to get a life coach (probably closer to a self-love coach), I want to take cooking classes, I want to continue becoming the best cross fitter I can be, I want to work part time, I want... I want.... I want.

I need to start doing some of these things now - before it's a year from today and I haven't done any of the above.

I suppose this is where the life coach comes in....

Not sure where I was going with this - I was just meaning to talk about the fact that it's JUNE already.

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1qtnewf said...

I went to see a life coach awhile back, and she was fabulous....
Located downtown though....