Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Morning workouts

My alarm is set for 5:35 every week day morning

I naturally get up at 5:25 every week day morning

I go to the washroom, brush my teeth and splash my face with warm water

I put on my gym clothes that I put on the stairs the night before

I fill my water bottle(s)

I head to the gym

It takes me 8 minutes (new location)

In those 8 minutes, I set my intention for my workout (finish strong, don't let your mind give in before your body does, pay attention to form, encourage your fellow gym-lleagues...)

During my workout - I focus on all of the above.

I get my arse kicked by Vicki who did a whole extra round and finished 30-ish seconds after I did (Love having people around who are faster, this way I push myself)

 I overhear one of the girls who came for the 7am class talking to my instructor - saying, look how great she's doing, she's awesome.  My instructor says - I just told her this morning how much she's improved, and I think I need to keep pushing her for her to do her best, like throwing in a little competition, I can't wait to see what she continues to do.

Side note: this is totally true, and one of the reasons why I think I loved running (you can time yourself, and then beat your time!) and now crossfit (timed workouts, how many rounds you can do in a certain time, or how long it takes you to do a certain workout) - it gives me a baseline to which I can compare how I am improving.

See how wonderful my gym is?  Everyone IS encouraging.  Even the elite people are encouraging as heck (as I was finishing up a workout, two "elite" crossfitters were watching me and one of the girls said - keep it up Christy, you are making it look easy!) Which I am SURE I wasn't (I was dyyyinnnnggg) but it's the encouragement I love & thrive on. 

And then, I almost always skip the stretching session because it's already 6:50.  I jump in my car, boot it home listening to loud music. 
Get in the door at 7am, shower - blow dry my hair - get dressed - make my shake and am out the door by 7:30 on my way to work

I have no idea what the point of this post was, I guess my random morning thoughts.

3 people had this to say:

Amy Muldoon said...

I'm always impressed by how hard to you push yourself - but today I'm impressed you blow dried when it's 38 degrees outside.

THAT is hardcore! ;)

Chantal said...

I definitely thing this post had a point. It shows how far you have come, how much joy you take from your work outs, how happy you are. It is awesome!

Christy said...

Amy - to be honest, I don't even know why I blow dried my hair, it got fizzy and sweaty within like 10 minutes of being outside!

Chantal - thank you, you are always such a great supporter!!