Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fun run in the sun

This week has been.... "meh" (please note: I highly dislike using made up words), but really? It was the perfect word for how I'm feeling.

Nothing has been going wrong or badly.... I just feel like I've been doing the same old same old for a long time now.  All winter (and holy hell, has this winter not lasted forever?!?!)

My workouts are all the same 4 days crossfit, 1 run, 1 yoga class a week (dealing with some ankle/knee pain this week, which ended in me modifying my Monday's workout ),

Eating is the same (80/20) BUT (and this is a wonderful BUT) without stressing... worrying... thinking too hard about it... not beating myself up... it's a great feeling.

 I've been acting for my boss for too long now (please come back, I'm drowning!). 

Wednesdays are my "get back into running" days. I've started running ONE day a week, at this point it's a short run, maybe 3 km?

I meet a girl I met at my gym downstairs in my office (which is big for me, we didn't know each other that well but, when I found out she worked at the same place I do, I said "hey we should run together" which is pretty out of character for me)

So it's Wednesday (and it's been another freaking freezing week here) and all morning I was thinking "I wish I could just cancel"... 

..but then I got dressed, went downstairs, saw her smiling face and got outside and ran. The sun was shining down, we had a great conversation, I never felt like I had to stop to take a break (so we didn't!).  I know it wasn't a long run... but I will keep reaping the rewards from that 20 minutes run all day long.

(until, as my friend says, Kyle wipes that grin off our faces at crossfit tonight!)

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Chantal said...

good job! This week I have gotten my butt out of bed at 5:30 to hit the gym twice. I am enjoying it. I will go friday as well. I am hoping to get back to tuesday and Thursday workouts with my coworker. Then I really need to add a yoga class. Or just stretch at night when I am at home. Which would be the easiest but somehow I never do it!

Chantal said...

oh and did you notice how your post started out Meh then ended with a smile... :)

Kataroo said...

I have to admit it totally surprised me to hear your say you felt MEH re your workouts, I'm still so incredible impressed about your OPEN WOD! I feel like we need a little extra cheering on that one :)

Glad your run turned the MEH upside down :) made me smile too

Christy said...

Chantal - that's FANTASTIC that you are getting up for the gym! It's amazing how quickly we get back into the routine. And it's so true, I never get at home workouts done, when really they are the easiest to do (by easiest I mean you don't have to go anywhere, sign up for a class etc...). Miss seeing you at GRC though :(

Katie - frig you are awesome. Always make me feel like a super star when sometimes I don't feel it at all. xo

Teresa said...

Hopefully the weather warms up, Meh is right. How nice you found someone at work to run with. Keep up the good work.