Friday, May 9, 2014


I suppose I've been missing in action lately.  I don't mean to be, I think I just don't have anything to say.  I've said it all before.  And I'm tired of talking about my weight, my frusterations, the scale, my workouts.... it's exhausting, being obsessed with your weight for as many years as I have.

I'm taking care of myself - I've had a major set back at the gym.  I've hurt my back, and have been going to see my chiropractor for a few months and it's not really getting better.  I think because I was keeping up with my workouts, then any help that chiro has done for me, has been undone once again after I do a few lifts.

Now, I will keep seeing my chiropractor, will start physio and most importantly, I'm starting some mobility sessions.  This, is super exciting for me.  After reading, watching and reading some more (especially Kelly Starrett 's stuff) I honestly my body just wasn't' ready to lift the heavy weights that I was.  I just jumped head first into crossfit and reached some pretty amazing goals... but without during the "core" work involved to get me there.  Even though I can physically do it, my body just wasn't' ready to handle it. 

Anyhooo... that's my focus over the next couple of months.  It may involve taking a break from crossfit and working on solely mobility... but that's yet to be decided.

Another exciting thing, is I'm slowly incorporating a paleo-lifestyle.  And so far it's not that hard.  My goal for this year is to be 80-20.  Already, I can immediately identify how I feel after eating bread, rice, pasta.... I feel bloated.  I feel lethargic.  I feel slowwww. 

But if I go a few days eating 100% paleo? I feel great, I have energy, I don't feel bloated at all.  And let me tell you, it's a wonderful feeling.

I'm not totally convinced that a paleo lifestyle is necessary for everyone, but I am trying to listen to my body and pay attention to how I feel after eating certain foods. 

These are some of my eats from the past couple weeks:

1/ zucchini noodles are AWESOME (I boil them for 2 minutes, I don't sweat them). Easy, delicious and great way way to get a lot of veggies into your meal!
2/ finding lots of great easy recipes in these books, by far my favourite is nom nom paleo
3/ pina colada chicken - won't use canned pinepple again, only fresh stuff!
4/ perhaps one of my current favourite meals.  Shredded sweet potato with onion and mushroom, with a sunnyside up egg on top
5/ #4 with an avocado cut on the side.... super satisfying, delicious and filling
6/ mango "ice cream".  Frozen mango + coconut milk = piece of heaven
7/ my trainer gave me this idea: zucchini noodles, chicken and pesto.  Again, delicious.
8/ asian cauliflour with chicken. 
9/ homemade Lara Bars.  I made a batch of these, brought them to one of my 6am classes and everyone loved them!

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Chantal said...

I am totally going to make that sweet potato hash with egg for my lunch this weekend! Good job on recognizing your limitations and working with them instead of giving up! You rock!

Teresa said...

Hope you get rid of your back pain. The food looks yummy. Take care

Kataroo said...

Hey there :) Missed you :) So sorry to hear about your back pain struggles. But also glad to hear that your listening to your body. I am very intrigued and excited for you with regards to the Mobility work. Sounds really good, good for you, and will make your already amazing self STRONGER. The food part of your post makes me hungry...looks really yummy. Makes me smile to hear that it's making you FEEL good. I think your bang on re it not being for everybody, but it sounds like a great fit for you. I think that's the key each person has to figure out what works for them. PS. I am so going to try the shredded sweet potato with the egg on top!

Christy said...

Chantal - did you make it? I had it Saturday morning and the leftovers today :)

Thank you Teresa!

Katie - how do you always know to write the most perfect things ever?