Thursday, June 28, 2007

Slow and steady....

Did my 4K steady run this morning - it was a beautiful morning cause it wasn't hot at all. I actually thought the C-man and I were going to get caught in the rain but we didn't. After the 4k run, I walked for another 3.5k just cause I was loving the weather.

Distance: 4km
Average Pace: 6:35
Time: 26:20

I ended up buying my Mizuno's at the RR but am returning them today as I've found a few cheaper places online. But I got to try them on, and now I know I'm a different size so if I hadn't done that i would have ordered the wrong size. The style this year is 8 (Wave Creation 8) but I wouldn't be opposed to buying last year's style if it's cheaper. 8.5 is a hard size to find though, it seems to be fairly popular.

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