Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting WORSE?

Normally the more I run, the easier it gets.

This week has been shiet for runs.

Today was the worst. The outside of the bottom part of my legs (under the knee) were KILLING me. I wonder if it's because the roads I am running on are slanted and I have to balance myself out? I only had to run 3k and it was so painful. I normally run out 3 and walk back 3, but today I ran out about 2.5 and ran .5 back and then walked. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

But, like I always say, at least I did it (that's getting old too). I hope once I get home it starts to turn around for me, I can't imagine the rest of my training going as poorly as this week.

Distance: 3K
Target pace: 6:34
Actual pace: 6:32

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Sonya said...

Hey. Listen.:-)

Whenever my eating is shite, EVERYTHING else goes out the window. I stop exercising. I eat more. I just don't care.

YOU, on the other hand. You keep running. Your determination is incredible, and I am really proud of you for doing it.