Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh I've missed hills! (and my WI)

Honestly. I've forgotten how much I enjoyed running hills. It's a short but hard run. I used to run hills with the RR clinic, and there was this great huge hill which was PERFECT. Now I'm running them in my little neighbourhood and there's only 4 really. Well, two on either side of the street going down and then back up (two little valleys) so I just ran those back and forth. It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. They aren't super big hills, gradual increases and rather short. But hey, I'll work with what I have.

Hills: 8
Distance: 3K
Time: 18:10
Pace: About 6:03

OH - and I decided to leave my WI day till Wednesday because after I thought about it, if I'm going to go a little off plan, it normally happens on the weekend so why force myself to WI on Monday and then potentially miss my WI because of an oopsy on the weekend.

So, drum roll please... after a full week back, tracking everything, staying within my points, I was down 6.4 lbs! Go me.

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Amuldoon said...

You're friggin skinny! ;)

desajair said...