Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1 day down...

1 to go!

I stuck to most of my goals, unfortunately my jog did not come into play (nor my walk) but life sometimes gets in the way of exercising these days. The scale said 165.6 this morning so hopefully it's still getting some of Friday nights treats out of my system. I will be very happy if I stay the same this week. I know I say that now, but tomorrow will be a different story. I always say I'll be OK with it, but I never end up being OK with it.

Our States shopping trip extravaganza is planned for November 11th till the 12th, and I have a month of bootcamp between now and then - so hopefully I will be a size 8. Right now I'm between and 10 and 12 (12 are hanging a bit and the 10's are a bit uncomfy) so maybe bootcamp is what I need to tone things up and lose a bit of weight.

Oh and we are trying to plan a girl's night away at Tremblant for some time in October... gotta go look into that now.

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Kristen said...

I bet bootcamp will do wonders for you. I'm in the same boat as you, my 10's are really baggy, but I tried to wear a pair of 8's tonight and I couldn't stand them - I guess I shouldn't have eaten lol.