Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yet another WI

And I'm down 1 lb. It's better then staying the same, but I was hoping for more. God, I always want more, don't I? That's 1 lb of butter gone. That's 1/10 of a bag of potatoes. That's ... my mind just drew a blank. I'm in shorts and a tank today and I don't look as horrible as I have lately, so that's a bonus, right? Just feeling a little blah today. Probably the rain.

So here starts another week, Jeff is gone all weekend so it will be easy to eat well. I'm quite good on eating next to nothing when I'm by myself, I make meals when it's the two of us but I don't go through a lot of trouble when it's just me.

I may be convinced to go out for a girls night on Saturday, so I'll eat as little points as I can during the day so I can splurge on some mojitos.

3 people had this to say:

desajair said...

Mmmm... mojitos. 8)

And yay on the loss! I dunno, I'd sure take a lb! I always look at one of my wrapped lbs of ground beef in the freezer and go Wowzers!

Tigerlilly said...

Yay on the lb!! and mmmmm on the mojitos!!

you mentioned bootcamp on your last post. what kind of bootcamp?

Kristen said...

a pound is awesome, seriously, I don't usually lose more than that unless I've just finished TOM. Good for you!!