Thursday, September 27, 2007

I honestly believe...

That I've been so successfull this time around because of my blog. Through my blog, I've met a ton of really inspiring, motivating and fabulous people. I catch up on my "inspiration" blogs every night and seriously, they keep me in check. Because of reading their thoughts on the exact same situation I am going through, it's helped bring me into this fantastic, happy, determined, motivated, frame of mind. Maybe motivation isn't the right word anymore. It's not like I'm motivated to get somewhere (yes, goal will be nice) but there is no "end" like there used to be. This is just the way I choose to be now.

I always appreciate all the comments, and love that people have taken the time to read it and leave me their thoughts.

So yes, this is totally cheesy, but it's just the type of mood I am in.

P.S. dinner tonight with the girls was cancelled. Poor E was sick and K may have had to cancel at the last minute, which would have left only 4 of the 7 girls, so K and I decided that we should just reschedule. So I told Jeff - well, I planned for more points tonight so let's get a pizza. He was onboard and then I suggested eating leftover "beefy one pot dinner" from earlier this week. So I went from an estimated 20-25 point dinner to a 7 point dinner. I didn't need to eat more points just cause I had planned it (although in the past, I would have), so I didn't. I feel great, will probably have something sweet for a couple points (fat free chocolate pudding + fat free coolwhip) or a Cadbury's Thin toffee) and I'm still only be at target. So yay for me.

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marie said...

i've found blogging DOES keep us accountable, for some weird reason, and everyone is so supportive & understanding.

you're doing a kickass job, christy! keep up the good work :)

Randi said...

Completely agree with the blog being responsible for any and all losses (though it's also what I eat and how I exercise...) but I've tried losing weight (hence the name of my blog) and I didn't really think I'm doing anything different this time than I was before. But obviously this blog was the missing ingredient!