Friday, September 28, 2007

Too many posts, I know!

But I'm doing a few things on the computer, Carson is sleeping and I have time :)

I feel like in the past couple weeks I've taken complete control of my life. I think in the past I kind of tried a little bit to get control, but for the most part things kind of fell into place, into the way they are now. But once Carson entered my life, I felt like now it's time to step up - to take charge and to shape my life into the way I want. I've done a few things to help me along the way, and I can't say it's all due to weight loss. I know I wrote about it before, but I read the book "The Secret" and I know it sounds strange, but it's given me the power to write my own destiny. I'm the only one who can make sure that I have the life I want, right? (well, Jeff has quite alot to do with it too). I'm just going at things head on now. I'm working on changing the things about me that I don't like (I want to be more outgoing, not as shy, I want to be more confident, not as self-conscious...) and I'm making headway!

I've made phone calls (honestly, I get nervous making phone calls) and gone out of my way to talk to people (which normally scares the crap out of me). And where has it gotten me? Without explaining the details..

- I've gotten the stroller I've been wanting for a long time (amazing deal, amazing price from an amazing person)
- Gotten an interview for a position in a division that I've had my eye on ever since I got into Health Canada
- Had 7 phone calls from people about daycare
- I've lost 22 lbs

And those are all the things that I have been stressing about and occupied over for the past couple months. And right now? I'm least excited about my weight loss (that just shows you how excited I am about the other things).

Tonight I will celebrate with a bubble bath, doing my toes and nails, a movie in bed and a happy heart. Mom thought I looked good tonight so she took pictures.

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Raiya's mum said...

You're soooo inspiring, and you've really given me so much perspective! I'm taking a leaf out of your book.:-)

Raiya's mum said...

Oh - and I'm sorry that I've been MIA from your blog - just got back from the West Coast. You are doing GREAT - I'm very proud of you!

Kristen said...

You're doing awesome, definitely one of my "insperational" bloggers.

It's great when you feel like you're in control of things. I can't beleive you're down 22 pounds already! I hope the job works out for you too :).

I'm beyond tired, hopefully that made sme sense lol.

Amuldoon said...

Is that the job you applied for before mat leave when I was still at HC?

Bootcamp starts soooooooon!

Amuldoon said...

PS - you do look great. I agree with your mom!

Christy said...

I never actually applied before I went on mat leave. I would feel too bad about starting a job while I was pregnant (I know I shouldn't, but I would have). I just sent out an e-mail asking if there was anything available (to the director of the division I want to get into) and I got an interview!!

Randi said...

Hey, Nice work with taking charge of your life! Sometimes things are just clicking! Oh and I know what you mean about hating talking on the phone. I can't order pizza to save my life. (I have to have everything written out in front of me before I dial)