Friday, September 21, 2007


So because today the US dollar is on par with the CDN dollar and because I am going here in November to stock up on going back to work clothes, I think this afternoon Carson and I will go to the bank and exchange some of my money to US!

I've been trying on some of my work attire and while I can fit into it now (it's not a pretty sight, but two more months and I should be good), I can't say I really like my wardrobe. Our office is pretty business/casual but I would dress more on the casual side, and maybe not exactly how a 32 year old should be dressing. So I'm going to sink some money into a new wardrobe, so I will look and feel good and my outside will match my inside.

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Mina said...

if you're going to waterloo you should hit this too

The Christmas Tree Shops aren't about christmas unless it is christmas. Its a fantastic cross between home sense and dollar store. you have to know what you're looking for, be a good shopper and know a bargain when you see one. I always find some great stuff for our home here. And decorations too.

Anne said...

I'm itching to go shopping in the States too. We usually go to the Carousel Centre in Syracuse. Such a great mall!

Amuldoon said...

My gf and I spent last thanskgiving weekend in Waterloo and Syracuse! SO much fun!

I loved it so much that Andrew and I went back Syracuse last weekend for some shopping.

Ditto Anne. Carosel Centre = KICK ASS MALL!

Mmmm... H&M! Love it!

desajair said...

Oh, that will be an awesome trip!