Thursday, September 20, 2007

My body craves the outdoors

Honestly - when I'm inside just hanging out, catching up on reading, doing housework, watching TV, cleaning, etc... I just am sulky. I'm never quite happy being inside. Ok, maybe on a rainy day I can find it kind of cozy... but over all I love being outside. Carson and I went for a huge walk yesterday afternoon (and stopped by the Bookmobile!) he was talking, laughing and looking at EVERYTHING, and my body, mind and soul felt fantastic. Now as soon as he wakes up, we are heading down to Westboro and going to walk around - popping into different stores (TONS of kids stores) MEC, Hush, Fab Baby Gear - I love little boutiques, coffee shops, speciality food stores setc.... but most importantly I love being outside.

Total random post and it will most likely be gone once I find something important to blog about :)

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Amuldoon said...

Westboro is great eh? Don't forget to stop by the Parkdale market.. my favorite spot! :)

Good to hear Bootcamp will kill us. I'm pumped!

desajair said...

And you couldn't have picked a better day for it! Enjoy!

That's a good idea... I should copy you some day and do that! I'm always looking for cute things for Kailey (ya, I'm a sucker for cute!) Are all those stores on Richmond?