Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two bags of potatoes - GONE!

So 9th week weigh in, I'm down 1.4 lbs. Now I'm down over 20 lbs. If I think about it, 20 lbs is ALOT of weight! It also happens that I'm wearing my lounge-y clothes that I was wearing when I first took a picture of me when I was pregnant. I was only about 12 weeks at that point, but I think I look exactly like I do now. Which to some women may be lousy "God, I look like I'm three months pregnant!" but for me, it's fabulous! Better then looking/feeling 6 months pregnant :)

Here's a picture of me from today. The pants I'm wearing I've fit into for a couple months, but in PEI (so, July) they were tight (at the end of the trip I couldn't fit them on) and now I can put them on and off without unbuttoning or unzipping them! I still have this icky little lip of my stomach that hangs over (I think it's because of my C-section) but you can't really see it if I'm naked. And it's not like I plan on being publically naked any time soon, so I don't care about that.

I'm in SUCH a great frame of mind these days. I have just over 2 months before I go back to work and a to-do list the length of my arm to get done. I always had a mental list of things I wanted to get done this year but I'd way rather play with Carson then do work. So now it all has to come to fruition. Cleaning out storage areas, re-doing the "office" area (which is currently a corner in our basement), dusting off the filing cabinet and getting things in folders and sorted out, going through my closet and giving away/donating all the clothes that I don't wear anymore... you get the picture. LOTS of stuff to do. I'm now to the point that if I haven't worn something in two years (prior to being pregnant), I probably won't ever wear it again. We have stuff in storage bins that again, if I haven't needed in the past two years, changes are I don't need them anymore! We have quite a few things to put on up to make room for all Carson's stuff! Toys and clothes that he's grown out of, and toys and clothes that he has yet to grow into.

This morning (and it's only 9am) I've packed up three diaper boxes of clothes to give to goodwill (stuff that was given to us but Carson never wore and I don't want to hold onto it for the next baby), one garbage bag full of old blankets/sheets (we had used them for camping a few years ago), two grocery bags full of shoes (I used to have a shoe addiction) - so this afternoon I'll have to drive it all over to the donation box.

ALSO - I heard back from the woman I forwarded my resume to. It was really a shot in the dark, I e-mailed the Acting Director of the division I want to get into and she wrote me back - saying she will look at my CV and was just wondering my work status. I'll bet she was happy to hear I was indeterminate. So it was only a "We'll look at it" but it's better then being completely ignored. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

2 people had this to say:

Amuldoon said...

Indeterminante always makes it easier to slide into a new position!

I can;t believe you've lost so much weight in 9 weeks... incredible!

Kristen said...

You're a machine Christy, keep it up! You look great, and I bet you feel even better :).

Hopefully "we'll look at it" will turn into something for you, that'd sure be nice for when you go back to work.