Thursday, October 25, 2007

Better but not great

So I'm finishing today with 34 points. Better then the last two days, but still 10 points over what was planned. I just called Kaethe to wish her a happy birthday but she was busy with the kids so I talked to Peter (my two closest friends since grade 7 ended up marrying each other, so it's wicked) and he said someimes you need to shock your system, get it out of your system in order to start losing again. In the very least, it made me feel better :)

Tomorrow I WILL stick to my daily points even if I am heading to KT and Peter's for a birthday party (do 32 year olds really have birthday parties?) Everyone else has babysitters, but we had one last night and my mom is taking him Saturday night because we are going to a Rotary Club lobster dinner (Dwight is part of the rotary club, actually, President this year, and we go to this dinner every year). So we'll both go there before Carson goes to bed. Then when it's bed time we'll do rock, paper, scissors and see who takes him home and who stays for the party. (I'm going with paper).

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Alea said...

Are you sure he doesn't read your blog? :)