Thursday, October 25, 2007

I LOVE being strong

I love the feeling when I'm working out, training, exercising, whichever "vice" I've chosen at the time. I love when my muscles are sore, my body aches, my core is strong and when I can start to see definition and bones that was previously hidden by layers of fat... when I just feel strong.

When my body is strong, my mind is strong. When my mind is strong, I'm able to work on having a strong body.

So I'm a bit sad that bootcamp is coming to an end. I'm green with envy that Amy is doing the Xtreme bootcamp, but with just starting to go back to work and being a "working-mom" I figure I need some time to get used to that routine before I added any regularly scheduled exercise. Especially at 5:30 in the morning. I'm hoping that by the time early spring rolls around I'll be back by Amy's side. Bootcamp has definitely reinforced the fact that I need change in my exercise routine. I'm not a Goodlife gym member anymore and I'm happy about that. I found the classes pretty boring and always the same thing. I run so don't need the cardio machines, and would rather do free weights then nautilus machines. I need change. I need to be challenged, I need fun and new experiences and classes. If I do the same thing over and over I get bored. It's completely the same with losing weight too, if I don't introduce new foods, new meals, fresh ideas, then I get bored and I fail at it.

I just checked out the Tony Greco Lean and Fit (which I've talked about before, I did one session (10 weeks) and absolutely loved it) and it's quite similar to bootcamp - at least M-W-F classes as it's all circuit training. Tony Greco classes all revolve around training the fast twitch muscles, balance, your core, cardio and the exercises are different every time, they are fun, there are people supervising to make sure you are doing it right, there's loud music, a 10 minute talk about nutrition before each class and really, really amazing people. You do three circuits of 9 stations and each station is a minute. The new schedule has more night time classes so I could go from 7 - 7:45 two nights a week and Saturday mornings. It's about a 5 minute drive away. I think it's the answer for me right now. I loved it before, I am more then positive I will do it again.

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