Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sometimes it's so easy...

To forget where we've come from. I have (err... had) been on plan for 13 weeks. I hadn't had strayed or gone over in THIRTEEN weeks. The last two days I didn't journal, didn't count, didn't care, didn't blah blah. I woke up this morning knowing I couldn't WI. I've had a rather off week and the last thing I needed was the scale to show a gain and for me to plummet deeper into "Idon'tcarewhatIeat" world. Instead, I went to bootcamp at 5:30am. I worked my butt off. Both ways I thought, prayed, wished that I'd get right back on the wagon. That I wouldn't let this get me down, I wouldn't let a little slip-up undo all the hard work I've done. I've lost 26 lbs in under 5 months. I think that's incredible. I have to keep remembering that. Two days of eating crappy (and really, I've been known to each MUCH worse in the past) is not going to gain back 26 lbs. I'm still up and at bootcamp by 5:30 every morning.

So after I got home, I drank my water, I cleaned the whole house, I chased Carson around in circles and made him laugh until he was almost crying. I remembered what's important in life.

Anyways, I'm on the way back. I'm not beating myself up and letting myself slide. I'm back, determined and going to meet my goal. I know it's rather dramatic after only two days, but if I don't do it now, it would only get worse. I have to stop it before it starts.

Here's me last night before going out.

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marie said...

you look amazing! love the shirt :)