Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can I go back to bed now?

Just lock myself in my room for the next couple days and not come out. Let's recap

1/ Yesterday after my embarrasing performance at bootcamp, I couldn't stop eating and ate about 30 real fruit
2/ I was making a turkey soup yesterday - went out to dinner at Carrie and Rob's and left the soup on the stove - got home and the house smelled like burnt - at least the house wasn't burnt down
3/ At dinner I ate 3 pieces of baguette with roasted red pepper dip (and flank steak, half a potato (with BUTTER), and salad for dinner)
4/ Isabelle (my niece) gave me her ice cream sandwich (she opted for pear, honestly, what kid does that?) and I took one bite and gave the rest to my dad (the only good thing I did yesterday, yay for me)
5/ I couldn't sleep all night (we have visitors staying with us, my aunt and uncle from Calgary) and I kept dreaming that Carson woke up screaming and then it woke them up blah blah blah... so I had a brutal night sleep
6/ Got up this morning, made it to bootcamp where at 5:15am I proceeeded to lock my keys in the car

Thankfully I knew of a woman who lived in the same area as I did so I asked her for a ride home. Got home, Carson had woken up at 6, so Jeff and I are going to be walking zombies (I woke Jeff up as I was leaving for bootcamp). PLUS tonight Lisa is staying with Carson after he goes to bed while we go out for dinner with my aunt and uncle and dad and Arlene (who are in from Edmonton). So, another dinner out - another late night.... will this week ever end??? Any other time the night out would be appreciated but I'd love to be in bed by 8 :)

Also, the job? He verbally said he wanted me to work there, but now he's checking my references (bit of an issue there but don't want to get into it, my old company enforced a policy that they aren't allowed to provide references more than "yes christy worked here from this time to this time....) and I haven't heard back. (I know my 3 references very well, and I know they would sing my praises) SO I don't know if it's just taking a long time becaue typical gov't - he has to dot the i's and cross the t's)... but it's annoying and I want to be able to tell my old boss I am or am not coming back by November 1st.

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CaRoLyN said...

I'm tired just from readin your post! Busy busy! Hopefully tonight you'll get a good night's rest and you'll feel refreshed in the morning!