Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I suck

6 Hallowe'en chocolate bars tummy hurts, I feel fat, uncomfortable, lethargic, greasy, and UGLY. I'm pretty sure I'm breaking out too.

Anyways, last night I went out with the girls (our weekly night out) and I was walking into a store beside Carli, complaining how I had 4 Hallowe'en chocolate bars yesterday (you keeping count? That's TEN in two days) and she just looked at me and said - "man, you are hard on yourself. You look fantastic and you look better every time I see you" (which, read above, is weekly). I told her I was envious of the way she thinks of terms of eating and food. That's the thing, she doesn't have to obsessively think about things, she doesn't feel guilty (which honestly is what spurs my "binges", if I feel like I've had one bad thing I think - screw it, I've pooched the day, may as well eat whatever I can stuff into my face) and she just goes about her day. Wow, wouldn't that be great? However, I know that's not me. I know that it's really got nothing to do with metabolism (I really think that if anyone, including my skinny sister, at the way I did, they would be fat too) sure metabolism helps a little, but the cause of being fat? Eating too much.

Anyways, Carson is going out trick or treating to our neighbours tonight, and then I'm going out with Carrie, Rob and the twins to hit up our street and Jeff will stay home and hand out candy. I love seeing how excited the kids get going from house to house, looking at all the costumes and talking to people. I'm SO my mother.

For now, I'd love to take a nap but I have to make some chili and carve a pumpkin. You will rarely hear me wanting a nap, but this morning I was up at 4:30, a tbootcamp at 5:30, home by 6:45, showered - hair and makeup done (that doesn't take me long) and out the door (with Carson in tow) by 7:20. Made it to my mom's, played with Carson until about 9. Put him down for a nap and ran out to my old job to tell my boss I wasn't coming back. Met with a few other people to get some paperwork signed for my new job. Came home, took Carson up to Boomerang (my favourite consignment store for the little boog) to exchange a pair of Robeez white boots to navy blue (I had gotten them at a shower when I didn't know if Carson was a girl or a boy and they were white and I thought they looked a little too girly), wen to Walmart to return something, came home - fed him lunch (he threw my pasta on the floor), cleaned everything up, put him to bed and JUST sat down. Holy insanely busy morning... my days have been much the same for the past couple of weeks I can't wait for things to calm down. More visitors this weekend to boot.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone! I will be sending all of the leftover candy to Jeff's work tomorrow.

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