Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Walmart, really?

I was walking through Walmart yesterday (I do a weekly Walmart run to buy things I find there that are cheaper then anywhere else!) and I passed the women's clothing section. I never walk through there (unfortunately I'm one of those people that find that cheap clothing looks like crap on me, unless it's cheap because it's on sale) but on the hanger facing the aisle there was the cutest shirt ever. And it was $14.98! And it's for work! And it's a medium! The picture just doesn't do it justice. It's fitted, it's that shrinky dinky material (once again, I'm horrible at describing clothes) and it has stripes and then flowers in darker material surrounded by lighter almost see-through material. It has a nice low (but not too low) neckline - if something is too close to my neck I look like a bobblehead. And the satin tie fits right below the bustline. Ah, just go to Walmart and see it for yourself.

And thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments in the last little while. I'm going to try and eat all my flex points this week. I remember when people would talk about how they didn't eat all their points and I would be flabberghasted - how could you NOT? I always had a free day the day I would WI and I would go to town. But now I rarely have those days anymore. Those days where I let myself eat the way I used to. I just can't anymore. My body can't take it. Looking back at my "bad days" or my "splurges", they aren't even one tenth of what they were in the past. So I know I'm improving. I know I'm being kind to my body. I know I'm overall making much better choices then I ever did in the past.

That being said, I am eating all of my flex points from now on. That includes eating 17 extra points between now and tomorrow. Which is wicked as it's Hallowe'en tomorrow. Perfect timing! And I won't be WI'ing this week because I don't want to get discouraged, but I'll be right back at it next week.

I made the Pad Thai from ESBM last night and it was delicious. Jeff thought it was a bit too sweet so I think I'll reduce the amount of brown sugar next time. It's really freaking good and easy too. It's funny, the more I cook, the more I don't get scared at recipes. And I only had to buy two things yesterday for the recipe (rice noodles and sesame oil). I would have looked at that recipe 6 months ago, rolled my eyes and turned the page because it calls for grated gingerroot, fish sauce, shrimp, which are things that I always have now but would have never even known where to find them in the grocery store before. Rarely will I look at a recipe now and not know all the ingredients. Makes it that much easier to tackle new recipes.

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Anne said...

Nice shirt!
Re: Flex points I'm sure you will see a loss next week and you don't have to feel guilty about eating them, you don't have to have junk, maybe more milk or cheese? Yum.

I keep meaning to get that cookbook. Do you like it?