Friday, October 12, 2007

So cold!

But I can't shower until Carson wakes up (the shower is right beside his room...). Bootcamp was awesome this morning - Amy and I are destined to be workout buddies because we always get assigned to the same group! It was bloody cold, but after the warm-up and one round of circuit I was warmed up.

So far it's alot like the Tony Greco Lean and Fit class that I took (and LOVED) and am considering going back to Tony in the winter (don't think I could do outside bootcamp all winter long) and Greco is cheaper too! But maybe I'd re-join Bootcamp in the summer.

I almost celebrated us finding daycare last night with a pizza (a BAD pizza) but I ate a Lean Cuisine one instead and honestly - it completely satisfied my craving. I don't eat pizza alot, but last night was almost the end of an exhausting week, our interview was over at 6 and I didn't feel like cooking anything so we almost gave into temptation..... but didn't!

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CaRoLyN said...

YAY for not giving in! That takes courage! I always always always want to celebrate accomplishments with food!

It's pizza night in our house tonight but we make it a little lighter and always save up our flex points for it so I can't WAIT!