Thursday, October 11, 2007

Updates all around

The interview:

The actual interview part didn't go so hot. I got cornered on a few questions that I just couldn't answer - for I simply did not know the answer. They were quite specific to tasks I would be doing in this position that I simply didn't have the experience with and to be honest? The last question I didn't even know what they were asking! But, after the official part of the interview was over, it was my time to ask questions. And did I ever ask questions. We were in there talking for about 1/2 hour (the same length of time as the actual interview part) and that's when my true personality shone through - I'm way better in plain old conversation then in stuffy interview question/answer type situation. At the end I asked "When are you looking to have someone actually in this position (or something along those lines)" and he said "When can you come work for us?". So yes. The job is mine. He just has to check my references, but he said if I am still interested in the position, they are interested in having me work for them. So yipee. Now, through this whole time I realized that the job isn't actually what I thought it was. It's not as great as I originally through, but it fits into my master plan. That being, I'm really trying to focus on the things I'm not great at. The past couple months I'm trying to become a better person all around, do things out of my comfort level, do things I never thought I could do, become the person I've always wanted to be. And in this position, there is lots of managing, lots of communication, lots of learning, speaking in front of audiences (no matter how big/small), organizing and chairing meetings.. stuff that would normally make me cringe, but things I WANT to be better at. Things I think are really important for my career - not only my career, but hopefully it will help me break out of my shyness. So I'm excited!


Down 0.8 this week. I may change my WI days to Thursday for the duration of bootcamp. I will admit I'm a tad disappointed as it's my smallest loss to date... but it was Thanksgiving this weekend and even though I stayed within my points, it was the highest point day of the week and normally I don't have it so close to my WI. But if I should have lost more this week it will show on the scale next week... right?


OUCH! Like Amy said, lots of chit chat at the beginning but I guess it has to be done to show us all the different exercises we were to be doing... but I would have rather gotten a few more rounds in of the circuit. Anyways... today I can barely squat to go pee, it hurt to get out of bed, and I'm walking slowly! My abs are taking a beating (in a good way) - at the end of the session yesterday we had to do the "pilates 100" or so he called it, where you get into the V position and then pump your arms up and down 100 times. I couldn't do it. My legs would NOT get into the V position. How embarassing and pathetic. The rest of my body is totally shrinking except my icky C-section post-pregnancy stomach. It's not like I'm intending on ever wearing a bikini, so I don't need a washboard stomach or anything.... but maybe something that wasn't sticking out a foot from my body would be nice.

Some pictures:

I know I'm a total dork, so don't bother telling me :) Now I have to go clean the house cause the cleaning lady is coming today and all I want to do is take it easy. Last night I think I fell asleep around 8:30. I was exhausted! I had been so nervous and tense and not sleeping well because of this interview that as soon as it was over, I could just feel my whole body collapse inside. At least I slept well last night.

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Anne said...

Congrats! So happy for you. I know what you mean about nerves, I'm acting in my position right now and yesterday was my interview. I'm told I did well, but I don't remember a word that came out of my mouth! haha!

A loss is a loss, don't be so hard on yourself. You are TINY, woman!!

desajair said...

Clean the house because the cleaning lady is coming? LOL--that's kinda funny!

And it sounds like bootcamp is awesome! And your pics rock!

And I agree with Anne, a loss is a loss, and holy smokes you've been doing so well, it only makes sense there might be a week in there were your body regains its equilibrium!

Congrats on the job!

Sonya said...

Yay, congrats on the job!!!!! That's fabulous - I knew you'd do amazing.

You look absolutely incredible, by the way. I'm soooo proud of you.

Great work on the loss, too. During bootcamp, your body is going to gain all kinds of muscle, that will result in BIG losses later - so brace yourself!


Amuldoon said...

I got the same t-shirt.. I feel like a poser wearing it just yet as it says SURVIVOR on the back! :)

Actually, truth be told, I never workout in cotton shirts. Thats the runner in me coming out I suppose!

CaRoLyN said...

Congrats on the loss AND the job! So excited for you! It's a big change moving form one job to another!

Look at you in your pictures Hotstuff! Looking good! I'll record you loss for Week #3 of the Christmas Challenge!!

Cory said...

Apparently the interview went really well if they wanted to hire you that quickly. :) I really hope you like the job!