Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SO happy!

I'm getting my hair done. Sure, call me materialistic or whatever - but I always feel better when I look better. And my hair has gotten a little shaggy in the last little while. My hair is short and it's normally (well, since on mat leave it's normally shaggy) but it's SUPPOSED to be longer in the front while shorter in the back. But now the back is rather mullet-ish. And it's icky. And I feel boyish. I don't like it.

So my mom is coming over at noon, we'll have lunch and take Carson to the park and then I'll head out to get my hair cut (new salon I haven't tried before) and mom will stay with Carson.

Then tonight it's our weekly Tuesday jaunt to Starbucks with the girls and Thursday is dinner with the "other" girls.

Tomorrow is WI and I'm feeling like it will be another small loss, but I guess I had lots of big losses so I shouldn't complain. Dinner out this week (LoneStar, yum!) and Thanksgiving could equal trouble but I'm going to make smart choices and really, this time around I'm not as worried as I would have been two years ago. I was going to make a chai-spiced pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner but I read the NI and it was 556 cal/43g fat per slice. I just can't in good conscious make that. So I'm looking for a lower fat yummy dessert to make ... going to try a few of my fave sites now.

Update: My hair is fabulous (if I do say so myself, and each one of my girlfriends commented the same thought tonight) and I have my interview scheduled for next Wednesday

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Tigerlilly said...

Let me know what you find.. I love pumpkin pie but it is so high in cals and fat. :(

Have fun getting your hair cut!!

Carolyn said...

Aww yay! A new blog to read! And look at you go woman. I am so happy for you :)