Friday, November 23, 2007

Argh. Annoyed!

Three issues today.

1/ I dyed my hair this morning (I used to get it done at the salon, but now I do it myself). Rather then leaving it in for 45 minutes, I got caught up in something and only washed it out ONE HOUR and 45 MINUTES LATER. I now am goth. I have black hair. It's horrible. Jeff says he really likes it, and having my hair dark always makes my red face look nicer but I HATE IT. While I was at Walmart I bought Head and Shoulders, apparently that strips hair of colour?

2/ I feel fat today. I'm wearing a longish shirt that has a belt around it and it makes me look fat and ugly. My black hair isn't helping the cause.

3/ I need boots. We have LOTS of snow here and I have no boots. Ladies, what kind of boots do you have and where did you get them? I think I'm trying to put too much responsibility on one pair of boots. I am going to be walking from the parking garage to my office building (about a 10 minute walk that I'm quite happy about, but now I have to worry about footwear) so I'm thinking of a pair of boots that will look nice with my nice coat(s). Also, I will be spending lots of time outside with little C so I need a pair of boots that I can walk through snowdrifts with, chase Carson around and not be wanting to come inside to warm my tootsies. Can I solve both problems with one pair of boots? I don't think so. So what do YOU ladies wear??? I've been to Globo, Winners, Mark's Work Wearhouse (they were all at the mall I went to today) and came home empty-handed. Help me pullleeeeeeease!

Oh, on a brighter note - my letter of offer (new job) is FINALLY in so I go to sign it on Monday!! I just got an e-mail from the girls too... about maybe going out for a drink and a bite to eat tonight. Now I just have to suck up to Jeff so I can go :)

Update: have I told you guys how AWESOME you all are? It's like you KNOW me and KNOW what I need to hear - and Amy, I almost spit my water out when I read your comment. A reservation is made for tonight, I'll wash my hair a few times as soon as little C wakes up, I'll change my shirt so I don't feel as bloated and I'm glad I only had veggies for lunch ;) I feel a ton better, already, so THANK YOU!

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CaRoLyN said...

Aww Sounds like you are having one hell of a day! Hope it gets a little better from here. A bite to eat and a drink with the girls is always a a good pick-me-up!

PLEASE check in with me on Monday, I need the accountability! I'll check in with you as well.

Have a great weekend!

Raiya's mum said...

First of all, I haven't heard the "sucking up" phrase in AGES! Made me laugh lots.

I can't help you on the hair thing, sorry kiddo - I don't know how to strip colour, since I've only ever gotten highlights in my hair. I'm sorry you're not happy with the way in turned out - I hope you can fix it to your liking.

Congrats on the loss!

What else? Yes, the boots - I am having the same dilemma. Go and check out the puma website - there are some boots that are in between dressy and sporty - but also a bit trendy and comfy. Might do the trick, especially with those Ottawa winters.

I'm having an AWFUL day if it helps any. You know, where every single thing is going wrong? My mind is one big grey cloud right now.

Amuldoon said...

I was on a boot shopping mission this afternoon too... I found a cute pair at Sears, but I'm not IN LOVE with them. I think I want a pair that my pants can go into, cause I hate getting wet pants.

I'm going to continue my shopping mission.

You're not goth, dear.. but that totally made me laugh out loud! Wanna go smoke some pot at Vicent Massey Park? ;)

Kristen said...

Hmmm...what a day.

The only think I ever did when my hair was too dark, was wash it about 6 times lol...I think that helped...a bit.

As for the clothing issue..some days are just "like that" for no reason in particular...try a few different outfits til you find something that feels good.

I haven't had a boot issue yet, since we've hot nooo snow :).