Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm in!

Carolyn has made some fantastic realistic committments for the month of December (from now until Christmas) and I'm going to copy her. I won't have unrealistic goals because the 3rd IS my first day back to work. After a year maternity leave. So maybe trying to make time for serious exercise may not happen...
* I can walk three times a week (no matter how long or short a walk it is)
* I can promise myself to drink 3L of water a day.
* I can promise that I won't eat after dinner.
* I can try to laugh as much as possible.
* I can make it my mission to come out of the holidays feeling good about myself because I made the right decisions and not feeling ick because I overate, as always.

So thank you getting me to think about how to get through the holidays.

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